What does TankVac® do?

TankVac® is a self-cleaning system for your water tank.

When a standard water tank overflows, the excess water drains from the top of the tank. Unfortunately this means it’s the fresh, richly-oxygenated water which is removed first.

TankVac® changes the flow of water and creates an automatic vacuum whenever your tank overflows. This vacuum siphons the waste water from the base of the water tank, discharging it in such a powerful flow that the harmful sediment and bacterial colonies are extracted.

As the wastewater is purged from the water tank, it takes with it the organic materials that settle and grow on the bottom of your tank.

This unique patented system was developed in New Zealand, and tested and proven at the School of Engineering, University of Waikato in collaboration with microbiologists from Auckland University of Technology.


Is TankVac® cost-effective?

By replacing the need for frequent, costly professional tank cleaning TankVac® will virtually pay for itself as soon as it is installed!

TankVac® can potentially extend the life of your filtration system which will no longer be subjected to a constant stream of finely-ground waste materials.

RRP $349 (incl. GST) PLUS FREE delivery throughout Australia.

Is TankVac® easy to install?

TankVac® can be easily fitted by any DIY handyman. It can be retro-fitted to your full or empty existing water tank or installed with your new tank. This unique system has NO movable parts and operates automatically WITHOUT the need for power.