Step 1.

TankVac® automatically starts as soon as the water level reaches the top of the tank.
TankVac® uses a patented Flow Generator which removes air from the pipe carrying the wastewater.

Step 2.

TankVac® begins to suck waste from the base of the tank.
By automatically creating a vacuum, the siphon-effect begins. This powerful vacuum increases water flow three-fold, drawing out sludge like a firehose-type jet at a rate of up to 9 litres per second. The base pipe drawing out the wastewater has been designed to create an even vacuum action across the entire base of the tank. The expelled wastewater carries with it the poorest quality water along with the harmful sludge which stagnates on the tank floor.

Step 3.

Suction stops as soon as the water level drops to the pre-set drilled ‘level control’ holes.
The siphoning action ceases as soon as the water level drops to the air holes placed 25mm below the ‘full’ water level.