• 1. Why doesn’t my tank water sparkle?
    It is well-oxygenated water that sparkles. But when millions of micro-organisms live in your tank, they deplete the oxygen levels, thus making the water appear dull and lifeless.
  • 2. Why does my family sometimes feel sick when they drink tank water?
    This may be due to the poor quality of the water stored in your water tank. If too many microbes are consumed when drinking tank water, these harmful micro-organisms can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • 3. How do microbes and bacteria multiply in my water tank?
    It takes is as little as 20 minutes for bacteria to multiply and infect your tank water. If washed into your water tank, Giardia will gravitate to the base of the tank. If they enter the human body through the drinking water these micro-organisms re-activate to cause potentially serious health issues.

    TankVac® will purge most harmful micro-organisms and bacteria from your water tank.

  • 4. How do I know if my water tank is contaminated?
    Your water may smell, appear discoloured and/or you may experience health issues. Even if you’re not sick right now, it only takes a small change in the condition of your water tank for the level of bacteria and micro-organisms
    to multiply and affect the water quality.
  • 5. How does TankVac® work?
    Every time your water tank overflows TankVac® automatically creates a vacuum which sucks muddy sediment and organic waste from the base of the water tank and flushes it out. Once the water level drops to the pre-determined point, the vacuum automatically stops – leaving you with fresher rainwater and an even cleaner water tank.
  • 6. Why install a TankVac®?
    TankVac® is designed to clean your water tank without needing to empty it or hire an expensive tank-cleaning service.
  • 7. Is TankVac® expensive?
    By installing a TankVac® you will no longer need to hire an expensive cleaning company or try to regularly bucket out the sludge yourself.

    Connected water filters will also last much longer. Even better – there’s no need to add any chemicals to your household water supply.

    TankVac® can be fitted easily to either a full or empty water tank. And there’s no need to hire a plumber – it’s such a simple DIY project even a beginner handyman can install it!